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What Is It?

Sciatica is another name for an un-ending continuation of immense pain in the lower back, bum and legs. If you do not wish to take the addictive painkillers for days on end, which actually does no good to your health or help reduce the pain, then you must take some action. It is just not worth sitting around and hoping for your pain to go away. The pain caused by sciatica is severe and can make you unable to move or even carry a bag of groceries. However, the more harmful painkillers are definitely not the only way out of the sciatica agony you are going through. The most annoying part of sciatica pain is it never stops.

Types Prevent Sciatica

Time May Not Heal

In fact, with time the pain even INCREASES! and makes you completely bed-ridden. It ruins your normal life restricting the regular activities you used to do before this condition emerged. This could be very traumatic physically as well as mentally as you would be always depending upon someone else for your daily activities. In some cases, it may be embarrassing as the sciatica pain may interfere with your regular bowel movements. You will not be able to hold it in, even for a few minutes before you need to dash to the loo. Accidents will happen because you simply cannot control it. In addition, the pain is unbearable and no pain pills can help you reduce it.

Sciatica Pain

If you are suffering from sciatica pain, you must understand and accept the fact that your pain will not disappear overnight as it is very drawn out but if you follow proper treatment and the right practices, it does eventually go away. Effective sciatica treatment should work right from the beginning. Several exercises and posture techniques help reducing the pain. They should give noticeable relieve from the pain from the moment you start doing them. However, these should be practiced under licensed and experienced trainers.


What Is Sciatica


Sciatica treatment

Sciatica treatment can sometimes be ineffective because due to lack of proper diagnosis. The treatment often becomes effective with the involvement of acupuncturists, physiotherapists or chiropractors. Most often, the pain relieving pills does not work and patients have to depend on the therapists only.

It Can Happen To Anyone

Sciatica pain can occur to anyone, even if he/she is very active and appears to be a healthy person. Some wrong postures, stretches, even some exercises can generate the sciatica pain. Some even say sciatica pain is the worst pain that they have ever experienced. Getting up from a sitting position, walking, bending, sitting or standing for long and turning on bed can be some impossible tasks if you are in sciatica pain. Severe, excruciating pain needs immediate hospital admission followed by some emergency medical tests like, MRI, X-rays, and CT-Scan etc.

Sciatica pain can also be confused with arthritis. Sometimes patients who have arthritis earlier complain about similar kind of pain that eventually points to sciatica. Because of this medical practitioners can confuse this with arthritis. Therefore, negligence in treatments cause delay in recovery. You should always remember that sciatica pain could be completely exempted if you only follow the exact therapy and proper treatment procedures. The instructions of the physiotherapists or the chiropractors should be followed in precise manner.

Sciatica pain


Source of sciatica pains are not preventable. Many of the sources are self-inflicted, such as, sitting on the wallet, accidental falls, careless weight lifting and wearing of uncomfortable heels etc. Cigarette smoking may also predispose us to this chronic pain. In many cases, it has been observed that avoiding sciatica involves some healthy and careful habits. Many of us habitually cross our legs while sitting. This could cause excess pressure on the sciatic nerves. Sitting for long time can also initiate sciatica pain. Therefore, generally it is suggested that we should take short breaks and move around during work or long trips that needs sitting for an extended length of time.

Regular exercising and swimming can also help avoiding this pain. Maintaining a healthy weight and strengthening back muscles lessen the chances of back strain which eventually leads to sciatica pains. In most cases the sciatica pains are treatable with pain medication and physical therapy of about 4-6 weeks. After that, it is definitely possible for an individual to resume his/her normal regular activities.

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